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Zhen Zhen Hao, Cooling Tea, 5 bags X 5 gm

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What it is :

Zhen Zhen Hao, Cooling Tea

Benefits :

Heatiness, Indigestion, Sore throat, Loss of appetite. Excessive consumption of hot spicy and oily food can cause heatiness and indigestion. Drink Zhen Zhen Hao Cooling Tea to ensure good health and improve body fitness. Convenient for travelling and handy in every household and office.

How To Consume :

Adult - 1 sachet each time. For severe cases, 2 sachets each time, 3 times daily at 4 to 6 hours interval.

Child - Under 12 years, 1 sachet each time, twice a day at 4 to 6 hours interval.