Adraa, Teh Herba Daun Durian Belanda, 20 sachets X 2.0 g
About What it is : Contains nutrients from the leaves of the dutch (Annona Muricata) The soursop has a variety of benefits for human health. Our guarantee is that you will benefit from 100% original dairy leaf in every teaspoon...
AI Ihsan, Mahkota Dewa Tunjuk Langit Limau 18 in 1, 18 Sachets X 20 g
About What it is : Mahkota Dewa Tunjuk Langit Limau Benefits : Contain herbs and lime extract To reduce weight Remove toxins in the body Overcome the problem of constipation Helps improve the digestive system Treat skin diseases Remove the...
Amran, Serbuk Halia Madu, 400 g
About What it is : Amran Serbuk Halia Madu is instant honey ginger tea with full hygienic protection to our body, fully flavoured, delightfully fragrant and satisfying. Amran Serbuk Halia Madu mempunyai cita rasa yang asli serta mempunyai khasiat bagi...
GHB, Jahe Merah Al Ahsan, 250 g
About Benefits : GHB Jahe Merah Al Ahsan helps to increase stamina and anti body, also prevent and relieve colds, reduce joint pains and headaches and relieve sore throats. GHB Jahe Merah Al Ahsan membantu menambah stamina dan anti body,...
Global Herbs, Daun Belalai Gajah, 20 sachets x 2 g
About What it is : The combination of Sabah Snake Grass and Graviola essence in a tea form by Global Herbs have been specially formulated based on the latest research in the field of health supplements. The health benefits contained...
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Global Herbs, Teh Bitter Melon Peria Katak, 20 x 2 g
About Benefits : -Menambah tenaga dan membantu mengekalkan tahap glukosa yang sihat -Melegakan kebas -Menyokong kolesterol dan metabolisme yang sihat -Meningkatkan aliran darah dan menyokong detoksifikasi semulajadi -Melegakan gejala buasir dan meningkatkan sistem ketahanan badan -Mengandungi beta karoten yang tinggi...
Jus Lega, Herbal Tea With Honey, 12 sachets X 20 ml
About What it is : Lega Herbal Tea is a botanical concentrated juice that relieves chest pain and difficulty breathing. It is highly effective in improving blood circulation and keeps the heart healthy. Benefits : Lemon – Rich source of...
Polens, Teh Misai Kucing, 20 sachets X 2 g
  About What it is : Polens Teh Misai Kucing uses only premium quality tea leaves with no added additives, preservative, and colourants. This product has a delightful aroma along with refreshing and unique flavor. Benefits : Suitable for both...
Rainhill, Misai Kucing, Herbal Tea, 20 bags x 2 g
About What it is : Malaysia's rainforest is considered as the oldest in the world. Untouched by ice age glaciers, the rainforest has stayed essentially the same for the last 130 million years. The diverse species of plants continueto excite...
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Sosro, Teh Botol Original, 318 ml
Sosro Teh Botol Original Tea Drink is a highly popular drink from Indonesia. It is a sweetened jasmine tea that is best enjoyed when chilled. Sosro Teh Botol is so refreshing, you will never look at jasmine tea the same...
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