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Bamboe, Bumbu Rawon, 54 g
About Bamboe Bumbu Rawon Rawon is a black soup dish that has a strong taste and black colour that comes from black nut/keluak. It is usually cooked with beef and best served with rice. The ingredients for the soup are...
Bamboe, Bumbu Sayur Asem, 60 g
About Bamboe Bumbu Sayur Asem Sayur Asem is a vegetable soup dish with tamarind. The sweet and sour taste of the dish is refreshing and it is usually served together with fried dishes such as fried chicken or fried fish...
Bamboe, Bumbu Balado, 50 g
About Bamboe Bumbu Balado Bumbu Balado is a chili based sauce originated from Sumatra. It complements beef, egg, tofu, tempe, potato or smaller seafood like small fish and shrimp. The ingredients for the spices are shallots, garlic, chilli, lemongrass, lime...
Bamboe, Bumbu Opor, 36 g
About Bamboe Bumbu Opor Opor is an Indonesian white curry dish. There are variations of opor, the common one being chicken and egg opor. It is usually eaten with rice or ketupat/lontong. Opor ingredients are coriander, white pepper, cumin, lemongrass,...
Bamboe, Bumbu Gule, 35 g
About Bamboe Bumbu Gule Bumbu Gule is a local Indonesian curry dish. It can be cooked with mutton, beef or poultry, seafood and vegetables. Gule ingredients consist of rich spices such as shallot, garlic, turmeric, coriander, galangal, nutmeg, ginger, chili,...
Bamboe, Bumbu Kare, 36 g
About Bamboe Bumbu Kare Kare is an Indonesian yellow curry soup, cooked with coconut milk usually cooked with poultry, beef or mutton. Can also be cooked with vegetables such as tofu, tempeh or eggplant and many more. Kare ingredients are...
Bamboe, Bumbu Lodeh, 54 g
About Bamboe Bumbu Lodeh Lodeh is a vegetable curry soup popular in Indonesia, it is usually cooked with eggplant, bamboo shoot, young jackfruit, green bean, green chilli, tofu and tempeh. Lodeh can be served with rice alone. The spices used...
Bamboe, Bumbu Mie Goreng, 45 g
About Bamboe Bumbu Mie Goreng Mie Goreng is one of the popular food in Indonesia. The fried noodles is made from flavoured yellow noodles such as shallots, sweet soy sauce, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, garlic and oyster sauce. It has...
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