Victoria, Body Scent Hijab Hanna Starlite, 120 ml
About What it is : Hanaa Body Scent Hijab with raspberry, orange fresh fragrance and sensation fragrance of sandalwood is believed to arouse the mood in doing various daily activities. Body Scent Hijab Hanaa dengan kesegaran buah raspberry, jeruk dan...
Victoria, Body Scent Hijab Naura Fabulous, 120 ml
About What it is : Naura Body Scent Hijab with scent of cassis flower, vanilla and musk, makes it a soft yet still attractive fragrance also enhancing confidence in daily activities. Body Scent Hijab Naura dengan aroma bunga cassis, vanilla...
Victoria, Body Scent Hijab Safiya Sensation, 120 ml
About What it is : Safiya Body Scent Hijab with sensation of tuberase flowers and jasmine, makes you feel fresh throughout the day. Body Scent Hijab Safiya dengan sensasi keharuman bunga sedap malam dan melati, membuat anda merasa segar sepanjang...
Victoria, Body Scent Hijab Zaida Chic, 120 ml
About What it is : Zaida Body Scent Hijab with blackcurrant, raspberries fresh fragrance with also scent of lily flowers and cashmere wood, will feature the feminine side of active women. Body Scent Hijab Zaida dengan kesegaran buah blackcurrant, raspberry...
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