Barakah Herbs, Daun Senna, Teh Jati Cina, 100 g
About Barakah Herbs Daun Senna Teh Jati Cina   Daun Senna has been known to be very effective in slimming the body and weight loss. It is also good for prevention of gastric or nausea. Daun Senna is also beneficial...
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Madu Rasa, Teh Daun Misai (KUMIS) Kucing, 80 g
About What it is : Made from Cat Whiskers 100% dried and not mixed with leaves or other substances. Cat Mustache Leaves are a health beverage that is very beneficial to the health and well being of the medicine, and...
Nusa Sejati, Ubat Periuk, Tenaga Murni, Lelaki & Wanita, 300 g
About Benefits : Nusa Sejati Ubat Periuk Tenaga Murni Lelaki & Wanita which is made of natural ingredients that helps with insomnia, premature urination, bloatedness, back pain, flatulence and cold feet and hands. It also helps with preventing diabetes and...
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Madu Rasa, Teh Daun Akar Cerita, 100 g
About What it is : Teh Daun Akar Cerita is made from 100% leaves and roots. It is dried, and not mixed. However good for prevention and treatment can cure. Benefits : High Blood, Anti Virus Diabetes Relieve Fever Malaria...
Rosella Merah, Putra, 100 g
About Teh Bunga, Rosella Merah Putra   Benefits of Rosella Flower 1.Helps lower high blood pressure (Stabilize blood pressure) Cholesterol, Cough, Body heat, Amben, Etc. 2.Launch blood circulation, defecate, improve urinary tract and Kidney. 3.Reduces Uric Acid, Diabetes and Heart...
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