(LIMITED STOCK) Maklijah, Durian Crepes, 6 pcs
About Maklijah Durian Crepe   Creamy and aromatic durian puree wrapped in a thin layer of crepe. These soft pastries are very creamy and delicious making it the perfect dessert or appetiser for all the durian lovers! Best served chilled!
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Aloha Sidoarjo, Krupuk Udang Aloha, 500 gm
About What it is : Krupuk Udang Aloha   Ingredients : Prawn crakcers Directions : Pour cooking oil in a pan. Deep fry cracker until it expands.
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Maklijah, Bahulu Coklat, 600 g
About Maklijah Bahulu Coklat   A traditional Malay pastry which is similar to the concept of madeleine cakes, dainty fluffy cakes that are slightly crusty available with different flavours. Ready at your table to be feast on! Great to be...
$13.00 $11.00

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