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Valleza, Bidara & Olive Oil Soap, 90 g




What it is :

Valleza soap bidara is a natural herbal soap that contains a good bidara extract to deal with skin problems.

Benefits :

- help with the acne problem. - curing skin problems like the cause of sweat.. Itches. Exim.. And other skin problems. - cleaning dead skin cells. - keep the skin moisture - overcoming and preventing dull skin - rejuvenate the skin and prevent premature aging - nourishing the skin desperately needs. - keep the skin healthy and fresh. - remove freckles from allergies - overcame the lice.

Ingredients :

- coconut oil. - ziziphus spina christi leaf. Olive oil. Soybean oil. Honey. Goat 's milk powder. Aqua. - sodium hydroxide. Fragrance.