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Sido Muncul, Komplit, Galian Montok

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What it is :

Sido Muncul Jamu Komplit Kuku Bima Telor is a traditional herbal concoction that is ready to be brewed to increase stamina and vitality in men with the addition of Jamu Pegal Linu, Kencur Rice, Flower Honey, Fragrant Ginger and Ginseng Pills. Also, useful for increasing and restoring stamina, as well as increasing passion.

Benefits :

  • Increase and restore stamina, and increase arousal in men.

Ingredients :

  • Honey
  • Saffron-colored rice
  • Ginseng
  • Ginger


1 Sido Muncul Jamu Komplit Kuku Bima Telor consists of:

- 1 Pack of Jamu Nails Bima Telor

- 1 Pack of Kencur Rice

- 1 Pack of Lime Honey

- 1 Pack of Ginseng Pills

- 1 Pack of Fragrant Ginger