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Nivea, Men Deep Bright Oil Clear Mud Facial Foam, 100 ml




What it is :

Ready to react without any skin problems from pollution? Use NIVEA MEN Whitening Oil Mud Facial Foam. The combination of Whitinat and Menthol formulas helps solve skin problems due to pollution and discover the benefits of using NIVEA MEN Whitening Oil Mud Facial Foam: 1. Clean dirt and excess oil on face 2. Whitinin content is able to brighten the skin 10x better than Vitamin C 3. Contains Menthol which gives a fresh sensation 4. Lift up the comedy

Benefits :

So you're ready to face the challenge with a clean, bright, smooth and healthy face.

  • Contains Whitinat formula that is able to brighten 10x face better
  • It absorbs dirt, oils excessively, and can lift the compressor
  • With the addition of cold seasoning, get a fresh face daily
  • Suitable for everyday use, for all skin types
  • It is proven to be safe for the skin and is dermatologically tested