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Mirabella, Urang Aring Lotion, 180 ml




What it is :

The Mirabella product is recommended for people with thinning or greying hair as it’s supposed to help thicken and darken hair, and for additional benefit, vitamin E is an added ingredient.

As folk herbal treatment, some Malay mothers still massage babies’ scalps with the lotion to encourage healthy hair growth. For adults, pour some lotion on your palm and massage into the scalp to reach hair roots.

Does it really work? Who knows, but it’s natural, so there’s no harm trying it for yourself.

Benefits :

  • Keeps your hair strong and easy to manage, without stickiness.
  • With extracts of urang aring and vitamin E, prevent hair fall.
  • Tames and adds a lustrous shine to black hair.
  • Keeps hair healthy, perfectly manageable and beautiful.