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Minyak Sakal, Putung Serai Wangi, 60 ml




What it is :

Digunakan secara tradisional bagi melegakan Sakit perut, Sengal-sengal tulang, Digigit serangga, Perut memulas, Kembung perut, Selsema, Sakit gigi

Traditionally used for relief Abdominal pain, bone aches, insect bites, stomach twisting, flatulence, flu, sore teeth 

Benefits :

Made specially for mummies under confinement and breastfeeding, we have now made it easy for mummies. Mummies no longer have to go through the trouble of boiling all the ingredients. The sachets are ready for you to just stir & drink.

How To Apply :

Sapukan di tempat yang sakit biarkan sehingga kering dengan sendiri. Jika sakit gigi ambil kapas letakkan di tempat yang berlubang dan sapukan dibahagian luar pipi. Sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur.

Apply it where it hurts to leave on its own. If toothpaste take cotton place it in a hole and apply it on the outside of the cheek. 

Suitable for all ages