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Mariati, Aroma Olive, Massage Oil Vitamin A,C&E, 120 ml




What it is :

Olive Massage Oils with Multi Vitamin A,C&E Oils. Olive Multi Vitamin Oil (HIGH POTENCY). Supplementary Oil. Restorative Multi Vitamin A,C&E transforms into a smoothy treatment that cleanses and softens skin, giving it a radiant appearance and wellbeing.

  • For all types of skin problems – It exfoliate dead cells, skin and dampen hard skin and very dry skin.
  • Highly anti-oxidant, Calcium, Mineral and Iron
  • To Assist in delay wrinkle and youthful look
  • To Heighten immune system from cold and flu
  • To Prevent heart and other diseases
  • To detox, cleansing the impurities and toxin
  • To Relieve and enlighten joint and muscle discomfort
  • To Improved circulation and energizing through massage
  • Good for cold weather

Whats In It?

100% Pure Olive Oil with selection of the finest Multi Vitamin Oils A,C&E and other Carrier Oils

No Cholesterol, Non Greasy/Sticky, Non Irritation, Non Toxin, No Preservative, No Additive, No Fragranc, No Allergy 

Tested: TUV SUD Laboratory, Singapore