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Kopi Pegaga Warisan, Manna Plus Premium Coffee, 25 g X 15 sachets




What it is :

Pegaga used by the Malays the traditional way to maintain the beauty of the skin, as an anti-aging agent and eliminate toxins from the body. Recently, it has been used as a brain food to boost memory, promote blood circulation and relieve stress from stress. Drinking Heritage Coffee will make you feel fresh and fit.

Benefits :

  • As an anti-aging agent (youthful)
  • Helps to lose weight (perfect for diabetics)
  • Helps provide optimum energy (active body, sleepless)
  • Helps prevent large / large drainage
  • Helps relieve postpartum miscarriage due to flowering veins (for the unborn baby)
  • Helps reduce itching in the vagina
  • Helps to eliminate dark spots on the face with consistent practice
  • Helps treat hypertension
  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • Suitable for diabetic (diabetic) patients

Ingredients :

  • 'White Coffee', Natural Juice, Sugar, and Non-Dairy Creamer.

How To Consume :

  • Pour 1 packet into a cup of hot water (150ml). Stir and drink.