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Jamu Jelita, Pearl White, Pinky Plus




What it is :

Jamu Jelita Pearl White Pinky Plus is formulated with natural ingrdients to give off healthy benefits and improves skin cells. Organic ingredients such garcinia cambogia which is know to improve weight lose and collagen which helps to nourishes skin.

Benefits :

  • Blaze face, arms and body
  • Launches digestion
  • Reduces blemishes and tones tone
  • Reduces oil and sebum production
  • The skin is softer, pinkish and flawless
  • Overcoming acne problems, black and white spots
  • Lightening the face, hands and body formulations of 16 different sources of vitamins and minerals from super
  • antioxidant fruits.
  • Helps improve fitness for daily activities.

Ingredients :

  • Dextrose Monohydrate, Strawberry Juice Powder, Collagen, Ascorbic Acid, Strawberry Flavour, Apple Stemcell, Citric Acid, Astaxantin, Pinebark, Grape Seed Extract, Mangosteen Exrtract, Olive Leaf Powder, Acerola Cherry, Hawthorn Berry, Maqui Berry Extract, Lycopene, Roselle Extract, Tomato Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Acai Berry Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Pomegranate Extract, Sucralose, Vitamin Premix, Mineral Premix, Permitted Colour and Food Conditioner/

How To Consume :

Take one teaspoon of PEARL WHITE Pinky Plus with 150ml of water, shake using a shaker or stir in a glass until it dissolves. For a more optimistic nutritional effect, it is recommended to take PEARL WHITE Pinky Plus 15 minutes before breakfast and before bedtime.