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Herba Banyumas, Minyak Lintah Tulen, Leech Oil, 60 ml

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What it is :

This 60 ml bottle of Minyak Lintah Tulen (Herbal Erection Oil) is made from Effective Traditional Pure Natural Indonesian Herbs. Javanese men have used this traditional formula for hundred of years, as a special ointment, to help maintain their Virility.

Minyak Lintah contains Enzymes of Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal Leeches). Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal leeches) are used in modern medicine to treat blood clotting for skin grafts. Leech Oil is also known to Strengthen & Enlarge the Male Organ. 
Traditionally Produced – Leech Extract Oil For Men (Sexual Support)

What can Leech Extract Oil For Men do for you?

  • Allows for a stronger and long erection
  • Improves men’s sexual performance
  • Lengthens period of erection
  • Restores elasticity of nerves
  • Improves husband and wife relationship.

Ingredients in the Formula per Serving :

  • Leech Fat – 11 gm
  • Essence of Leech – 10 gm
  • Nigella Sativa – 4 gm
  • Kaempferia Galanga – 4 gm
  • Cocos Nucifera Oil – 60 ml