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Freshcare, Roll On, Aroma Strong, 10 ml




What it is :

Hot Freshcare suitable for use after heavy activity and suitable for hotter enthusiasts.

Contains Citrus Essential oil.

Citrus oil has a refreshing and can to relax the mind.

Composition :

  • Menthol 30%
  • Camphor 4%
  • Methyl salicylate 1%
  • Essential oil 6%
  • Olive Virgin Oil 19%
  • Base ad 100%

Indication :

Relieve headaches, bloating, colds, motion sickness, flu-like symptoms, sore and itchy insect bites

How to use :

Roll on adequately and gently rub on forehead, chest or nose

Important Notes :

Avoid applying on wounds and/or immediately stop using if irritation occur