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DCL, Red Guara Cafe, 20 sachets X 25 g




What it is :

Red Guara Cafe is made of selected imported beans and blended with Yis Rice Red, Red Bean Powder and Guarana. This coffee is a selected herbal coffee that is suitable for daily use.

Benefits :

  • As hunger suppressant (Helps overweight).
  • Remove excess water and fat in the body.
  • Overcoming fatigue and sexual energy.
  • Providing lasting energy.
  • Overcoming and assisting digestion in the body's intestinal system (able to control / treat diarrheal diseases).
  • Helps treat NEURALGIA (Pain / nerve pain) and mild pain.
  • Facilitate breathing (can help treat asthma / tiredness).
  • Helps to reduce syndrome before menstruation (PMS).
  • Strengthen heart muscle.
  • Reduce or eliminate fever.
  • Prevent bacterial infections.
  • Helps to melt blood in the blood vessels.
  • As anti-oxidants inhibit cancer cells in the body organs.

Ingredients :

  • Arabica Coffee.
  • Guarana.
  • Beta Vulgaris.
  • Monanscus Purpuruees.
  • Soya Creamer.

How To Consume :

  • Pour 1 pack of Reg Guara Cafe into a cup of hot water (200ml-230ml), stir and serve.