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BonCabe, Sambal Tabur Level-30, 40 g




What it is :

Are you a fan of extreme challenges? Or do you want to try something extreme? It's just right, you have to challenge yourself to try BonCabe level 30 which is super extreme spicy! It doesn't feel good if you claim to be a spicy lover but haven't tried this BonCabe variant yet. Imagine how extreme BonCabe level 30 is, if the previous BonCabe level alone makes you feel miserable. But don't worry, you will still feel the pleasure of eating with BonCabe. Because BonCabe is made from the best choice chili and a mixture of other spices that makes BonCabe taste even more spicy. For those of you who are trying for the first time, it is recommended to pour BonCabe level 30 bit by bit into your favorite food. Because the extreme spicy taste must be balanced with the level of spiciness of your tongue. What are you waiting for, quickly find BonCabe level 30 in supermarkets, minimarkets, food stalls, supermarkets, and even the nearest markets in your city, and challenge yourself to feel the extreme sensation of extreme !!!