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Barakah Herbs, Habbatus Sauda, with Manjakani, 4 in 1, 60 softgels

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What it is :

Barakah Herbs – Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) with Honey and Olive Oil Plus Majakani (Oak Galls)

Active Ingredients:

1. Potent Majakani Oil – 15 mg

2. Black Seed Oil – 260 mg

3. Pure Honey – 125 mg

4. Olive Oil – 100 mg

Benefits :

1. Majakani has been traditionally used to tighten the stomach and vital muscles close to the reproductive systems.

2. It tightens and helps maintain the fullness of the breast.

3. Helps eases flow of menstruation.

4. Relieves stomach pain during menstrual period.

5. Relieves back pain during menstrual period.

6. Cures problem of excessive vaginal white discharge.

7. Helps to keep you looking youthful due to the antioxidant effects of Olive Oil and Honey.