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Aura White, Collagen Tripeptide Gold, 900 g




What it is :

Aurawhite tripeptide Gold provides three times the skin lightening, anti-aging and moisturizing the skin.

Skin lightening efficacy, control pigmentation, dull skin and skin problems.

Benefits :

  • Exclusive ingredients to the specific material chosen by Aurawhite Tech Complex to control melanin production of the enzyme causes
  • Activates the synthesis of collagen in the body
  • Repairing skin structure
  • For brighter, elastic, supple and moist skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkled
  • For skin problems such

Ingredients :

Aurawhite tech complex vitamins, Mixed berries ( enriched with anti -oxidant ), Tripeptide collagen, Astaxanthin, Olive oil, Grape seed extract, Rose hips.

Clinically tested to improve skin brightening, skin elasticity and radiant shine