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Adraa, Graviola Gold Pati Buah Durian Belanda, 500 ml

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What it is :

Soursop or its scientific name, Annona Muricata is known as a wonders tree that has many properties and advantages from the leaves to the roots. Juice Graviola Gold Adraa is packed with the goodness of the fruit of the durian and leaves in a bottle. Both of these raw materials are extracted and mixed perfectly. The use of Graviola Gold Adraa juice can continuously improve the health of a human being.

Benefits :

  • Rich with antioxidants
  • Through a neat and standardized process
  • It has gone through a clean production process using a specialized processing machine

Ingredients :

  • Concentration of soursop
  • Leaf of soursop extract

How To Consume :

  • Take 2 tablespoons once a day.