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Al Faarouq, Mawaleh Orange Blossom Honey, 350 g

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What it is :

Orange blossom honey is honey that is derived from a citrus source. Many people falsely assume that orange blossom honey is made by combining oranges and honey; however, it is actually the leaf of the orange tree that makes this honey what it is.

Benefits :

AL-FAAROUQ MAWALEH (ORANGE BLOSSOM) PURE EGYPTIAN HONEY Today’s consumers seek pure honey for its full-bodied flavor and minimally processed goodness. That’s why Al-Faarouq Mawaleh Pure Egyptian Honey is carefully strained to preserve natural enzymes, flavor and aroma. It is 100% pure, unadulterated & unpasteurized. Bees attracted to the scent of the orange blossoms feed on the nectar of the flowers, giving the Mawaleh honey its fragrant citrusy aroma. This light and fluid honey is gentle and smooth on the gut. It is perfect for those with sensitive stomach who normally find most honey too ‘heaty’ to consume.

Ingredients :

  • Orange Blossom Honey

How To Consume :

The recommended daily maximum is 2 teaspoon per glass of water. (before breakfast or bed)

Precaution :

Those with diabetes should still be careful with the quantity in which they consume this honey. Also, those watching their weight should also be cautious, as a tablespoon of orange honey comes in at about 60 calories.