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Anugerah Air Semulajadi 500 ml (1 ctn X 24 pcs)

$2.00 $2.50


Dear customer, for every 1st carton there is additional charge of $8 for less than $79. Above $79 or more there will additional charge of $2 for the subsequent carton (e.g 2nd, 3rd...). Please feel free to send us a message for more details!


What it is :

Heal the sick with the power of the external and internal alkaline water from Air Anugerah. Air Anugerah is alkaline water that helps get rid of your physical and spiritual pain. Air Anugerah is alkaline water that combines science and medicine to relieve pain spiritually and physically. Alkaline water is known for hydrating the body while removing toxins, is an agent of anti-oxidants and able to neutralise acid in the bloodstream, leading to improved energy and oxygen levels. Air Anugerah has been specially filtered and formulated to bring the best results for hydration. For best results, consume Air Anugerah daily and feel the difference from this quality product.

Benefits :

  • Neutralizes the excess acid in the body.
  • Aid in the rest of the toxins from the body.
  • Hydrates the body to prevent dehydration.
  • Strengthens the immune system against disease.
  • The best antioxidant agent.

Ingredients :

  • Sources of water supply: Treated tap water (SYABAS). No. of approval from the Ministry of Health 163 (52 / B / 78)