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V'Asia, Payu Maxx, 400 g




What it is :

V'Asia, Payu Maxx

Benefits :

  • Helps increase breast size
  • Increase the tension and elasticity of the breast
  • Form your breasts to make them look more fluffy, dense and curly
  • Increases skin brightness especially in the breast
  • Helps restore the color of the nipple
  • Helps regulate estrogen hormone in women's body
  • Troubleshoot scars, wrinkles and fine lines
  • Keeps your skin healthy and youthful
  • Helps to maintain women's internal health

Ingredients :

  • Isoflavon Soya, Vitamin C, Manjakani,Sirih, Fruit, Turmeric, Black Seed, Citric acid

How To Consume :

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Maxx Breast with 150 ml of plain water.
  • Shake using a shaker or stir-fry until it is dissolved and ready to drink.
  • Practice 1-2 times a day for great results.