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Kopi Pak Belalang, 20 sachets X 30 gm




What it is :

Kopi Pak Belalang

Benefits :

Kopi Pak Belalang is made from selected ingredients such as arabica coffee, acai berry, maqui berry and even this Kopi Pak Belalang also has sunnah nutritional ingredients such as herbs, honey and honey. This combination is based on the importance of health and sunnah factors. The original aroma and great taste of Kopi Pak Belalang will entice every coffee enthusiast to an unbeatable coffee taste experience. The preparation of the Kopi Pak Belalang with a healthy weight is less acidic. This Kopi Pak Belalang is not only heartwarming but a beverage full of nutritious goodness is the answer to a positive, energetic and calm life.

Ingredients :

  • Coffee Arabica, Non-Diary Cremer (Glucose Syrup Solids, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Sodium Caseinate (milk protein), Fine Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Nigella Sativa, Acai Berry, Maqui Berry, Styrax Resin, Dry Honey Powder and Anti Caking Agent.

How To Consume :

Empty the contents of sachet into a cup, add 200ml hot water and stir well.