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Kispray, Amoris, 3 in 1, 21 ml X 4 sachets




What it is :

Kispray is an Ironing Aid product that provides long lasting fragrance on clothes and eases ironing process.

Indications :

  1. Kispray with 3 in 1 formula (smoothener, freshener, and softener) can produce neater clothes when ironed, provide long lasting fragrance and smoother fabrics.
  2. Kispray contains an active antiseptic called alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, which effectively kills germs that cause fustiness on fabrics and prevents parasitic substances on clothes.
  3. Kispray is more economical, because it is available in sachet pack, only need to add water and directly spray it while ironing so that the fragrance can immediately be absorbed by the fabrics.
  4. Kispray is more practical, because it is also available in refill pouch that can be used immediately.

Variants :

  1. Amoris, contains floral, rose, and powdery characteristic
  2. Segeris, contains green floral, jasmine, and perfumey scents
  3. Bluis, contains floral, fresh, clean, perfumey scents
  4. Violet, contains various floral, rose, a little sweeter, and fresh scents