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Dami, Menses Sirup, 5 sachets @ 15ml




What it is :

Dami Sariwana Menses Sirup Herbal (5 sachet @ 15ml) secara tradisional digunakan untuk membantu melancarkan haid dan membantu meredakan nyeri pada saat haid.

Dami Sariwana Menses Herbal Syrup (5 sachets @ 15ml) has traditionally been used to help with menstruation and to help with menstrual pain.

How To Consume :

Minum 3 kali sehari @ 1 sachet, diminum 4 hari sebelum datang bulan.

Drink 3 times a day @ 1 sachet, drink 4 days before the month comes.


Tidak untuk wanita hamil / Not for pregnant women