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V Dolly, Exclusive Edition, 30 chewable tablets




What it is :

Safe and reliable modern jamu - slimming product for teenagers or after birth women can be consumed safely even during breastfeeding.

Benefits :

  • Supports vaginal, bladder, urinary & digestive health issues
  • Nourishes friendly bacteria in women
  • Foster regularity and smooth digestion
  • Restore the elasticity of the uterine wall after childbirth
  • Prevention of Chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Breast Cancer
  • Tighten and increase flexibility of breast
  • Assist in Tummy Flatting
  • Treat digestive system symptoms/diseases

Skincare Benefits :

  • Eliminates tiny red vein on the face
  • Prevent excessive skin oil
  • Reduce dark marks on skin
  • Brightens and glows face