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Ultra Sakti, Hot In Cream Aromatherapy, 120ml

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What it is :

HOTIN CREAM AROMATHERAPY is a cream to overcome tiredness, muscle aches and pains. HOTIN CREAM AROMATHERAPY is produced with high technology, alcohol free so it has a safe and comfortable base cream, the heat is right, easy to seep, not sticky on the skin, does not leave white marks on the skin so it does not contaminate clothes when doing activities or bed sheets when used before going to bed. HOTIN Aromatherapy cream with a fragrance that makes you relax. HOTIN CREAM AROMATHERAPY is certified HALAL from MUI, so Muslims don't need to worry anymore when using HOTIN CREAM.

Benefits :

To help relieve aches, joint aches, muscle aches, colds, flatulence and headaches.

Ingredients :

  • Menthol 3.2%
  • Methyl Salicylate 4.0%
  • Camphora 4.0%
  • Minyak kayu putih 0.5%

Directions :

Aromatherapy Hotin Cream is only used for external use.