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Supa Oil, Enlargement Oil For Men, 30 ML

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What it is :

All you must do is apply 5 sprays onto your penis, massage gently into your organ, and let SupaOil absorb for at least 15 minutes daily.  For best results do not wash the oil - leave it on overnight.  For awesome enlargement, use daily.

As SupaOil is absorbed through your skin, hundreds of phytochemicals and Vitamin E are delivered to the capillaries and veins crammed inside your penile skin.  Once inside your bloodstream, these nutrients are delivered to penile tissue where they rejuvenate neuro-arterial synapses and invigorate blood flow to the spongy tissues of your penis chambers.

The result is a more responsive and engorged penis. The intensity of engorgement increases over time with daily application of SupaOil.  Direct delivery of nutrients to the penis is more effective than through oral consumption where there is only partial absorption thru intestinal walls and imprecise delivery to penile tissues.