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OudLux, Gold Shower Gel, 500 ml




What it is :

Gold is a representation of outright Luxury and value. The Oud Gold Shower Gel fully delivers the expectation with one of the most beautiful and rich fragrance that will surely touch the heart. Artistic blend of Cardamon, Vetiver and Oud will force you to smell the beautiful fragrance again and again. Just as Gold is a class of its own, Oud Gold Shower Gel is a shinning star of Oud Collection™ Shower Gels range. The fragrance is rich and packed with high quality aromatics to give you an unparalleled bath experience. Our Shower gels are concoction of high-quality ingredients, the gel produces creamy leather and leaves your body squeaky clean, moisturized and scented with exceptional fragrance. The aura of our products normally stays on the skin for long time, however duration may vary depending on skin chemistry.

Ingredients :

Cardamom, Vetiver, and Oud.