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Luna, By Mira Filzah, 10 sachets x 2

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LUNA is a beverage that covers all aspects of health and beauty. With the use of LUNA DAY during the day, it works to brighten the skin, protect the skin from UV rays, maintain skin elasticity and provide incredible energy throughout the day.

On the other hand, taking LUNA NIGHT at night works to give you a good night's rest and sleep to allow our skin to go through the healing process including eliminating acne problems and stubborn scars.

One box contains 10 LUNA DAY sachets and 10 LUNA NIGHT sachets. 

✔Pregnant ladies (2nd trimester onwards)

✔Nursing moms

✔Male and female 13 years old and above

✔During period


✔Natural & safe ingredients

Direction:  Recommended to take 1 sachet LUNA DAY during the day and 1 sachet LUNA NIGHT before bedtime.