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Dove, Original Light & Smooth Moisturising Cream, 150 ml

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What it is :

Shaving can cause hyperpigmentation and leave a dark stain on the skin of the armpits. If you have experienced this and want to know how to lighten your armpits, Dove has the answer. Dove's special fragrance deodorant treats and brightens your armpits from 7 days *. Made from ¼ moisturising cream plus enriched with Vitamins E and F, this product gently nourishes your armpit skin to help control the irritation of shaving. So you can still look pretty when you have your day off. Dove Original Light and Smooth Antiperspirant Deodorant helps you stay dry for up to 48 hours. Interestingly, this product has Dove's special soft scent that will keep you feeling fresh all day. With lighter armpits in 7 days *, there is no need for armpit bleaching products!

Benefits :

Take good care of your armpits

  • Helps brighten the armpits in 7 days *
  • ¼ moisturizing cream for smooth, supple skin
  • Enriched with Vitamins E and F
  • Dove's special soft scent
  • The spray format is immediately dry
  • The protection stays dry for up to 48 hours