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Dalan, Therapy Liquid Hand Soap Rosemary, 400 ml

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What it is :

Dalan, Therapy Liquid Hand Soap Rosemary.

Benefits :

One of the best international fragrances, mesmerizing Lavender aroma coupled with moisture rich Thyme – Leaves your hands well moisturized and fragranced. Lavender is a herb native to northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean. The herb is highly regarded for skin and beauty and is commonly used in fragrances and shampoos and for aromatherapy. Lavender is becoming increasingly grown for the production of its essential oil, which comes from the distillation of the flower spikes of certain species of the plant. Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to help heal minor burns and bug bites in addition to cleansing and purifying the skin. Thyme is an ancient herb with antiseptic and antibacterial properties making it apt for medicinal uses.