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Barakah Herbs, Sky Fruit, 60 capsules

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What it is :

Mahogany seeds ( sky fruit seed / Xiang Tian Guo) are not just any fruit seeds. In fact, the seeds have abundance of health benefits once consumed. Sky fruit is a fruit of Mahogany tree (Swietenia macrophylla) itself can be easily found in all tropical areas including Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia), South America, Central America and Caribbean. Abundance health benefit that the seeds have is mainly because the seeds contain huge amount of flavonoids and saponins. Treating clogged blood circulation can even be managed with the help from mahogany tree seeds. There are also many other benefits from the seeds that may surprise you. Given with this benefit, the seeds are now even made into the form of supplement.

This seed is often known sky fruit seed in Chinese and is very familiar among natives living in areas with mahogany trees. Locals usually just grind the seeds to create the powder and use the powder to make mahogany tea. The result is healthy drink for diet. Inside the seeds, there are 27 saponins types and 33 flavonoids stypes. These make them become nutritionally rich, as rich as ginseng. Even more, they have more beneficial nutrients for health including proteins, minerals, fatty acids and also vitamins.

Benefits :

Sky Fruit plants are largely found in tropical areas in the South Pacific, especially in the Solomon Island, the least polluted, cleanest natural environment of the South Pacific Ocean. It was discovered by the natives that the seeds of the fruit (commonly called Sky-pointing Fruit) contain healing properties and have been consumed by the natives for more than a thousand years. Sky fruit plant is considered the Queen of Plants and the knowledge of its healing properties has been passed down through generations.

Sky Fruit seeds have amazing benefits and healing properties. People with high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, skin allergies, stroke, heart problems etc have found this food a natural way to help improve their health conditions.

Do you also know that mahogany seeds health benefits also include treating malaria disease? Exactly, this seed is as effective. Thanks to antimicrobial and antibacterial properties it can treat malaria and similar other diseases. In fact, further studies also show that the seeds have proven to be beneficial in treating Hepatitis C. What a great seed right? And it can also be used to increase libido both in women and men as well as to strengthen the body by boosting the immune system. Shortly said, the seed definitely multiple functions. And none of those benefits should be wasted for nothing. Instead, you should grab the chance to increase your quality of life.

Good Supplement for men's vitality aslo.


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Barakah Herbs, Sky Fruit, 60 capsules
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