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Al Shifa Sidr Honey 500 g

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What it is :

AL SHIFA – Sidr Honey (Voted No.1, Product of the Year 2015) 100% Pure HIGH QUALITY PREMIUM HONEY from the Mountains of Yemen

The Al Shifa brand is a trusted brand and is synonymous to 100% natural honey from Saudi Arabia. Al Shifa has been awarded the quality mark by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO). The Sidr honey is prized by the Arabs and honey connoisseurs from all around the world.

The Sidr honey is found in the serene and unpolluted mountainous regions in Yemen. There the Sidr tree (Sidrat al-Muntaha) have grown since the dawn of time. The honey from these ancient trees is produced by bees that fly great distances to collect the nectar from the Sidr tree.

Sidr honey in Yemen is harvested by hand only twice a year using traditional techniques that have remained the same for over 7000 years.

The quality, rarity and medicinal properties of Sidr honey have long guaranteed its revered status within the traditions and rituals of Yemeni culture.

Today, Sidr honey is one of the most sought after honeys in the world.

Wait no longer! Get your bottle of 100% pure Sidr honey from the pristine Yemeni mountains now!