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Al Sauda, Slimming & Energy Boosting Herbal Tea, 30 bags

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What it is :

This Slimming & Energy booster Herbal Tea consists of selected herbs and high quality spices.

Benefits :

  1. Reducing bodily fats and weight.
  2. Reduces the cholesterol in blood vessels to ensure flow and supply of blood is smooth and normal.
  3. To preventing high blood pressure, atheroselerosis and heart disorders, helping digestion and normalizing blood circulation.
  4. Prevent bad breath, mouth uclers and cracked lips.

Ingredients :

  • Zingiber Officinale
  • Curcuma Zanthorrhiza
  • Nigella Sativa

How To consume :

One sachet mix boiling water per cup.1 to 2 cups daily after meal.