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Al Faarouq Habbatus Sauda Pure Egypt Honey 700 g




What it is :

Black Seed Pure Egyptian Honey.
Today’s consumers seek pure honey for its full-bodied flavor and minimally processed goodness. That’s why Al-Faarouq Habbatus Sauda Pure Egyptian Honey is carefully strained to preserve natural pollen and protect natural enzymes, flavor and aroma. It’s made by bees from the nectar of the fennel flower, more popularly known as the black seed plant or habbatus sauda plant, from the fertile lands of Egypt.
This pristine honey features a distinct, light floral taste and aroma. Thick, viscous and dark in colour, Al-Faarouq Habbatus Sauda Pure Egyptian Honey goes well on its own and is a perfect natural sweetener to add to your favourite beverage or drizzled onto your morning pastries.
Benefits :
The many benefits of the black seed are well known. So are the benefits of pure unadulterated honey. With Al-Faarouq Habbatus Sauda Pure Honey, you get the benefits of both in a single product.