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Oli Candy, Extra Power Booster, Special Edition, 30 chewable tablets

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What it is :

OLICANDY™ - 'Fattah Amin' Special Edition is OLICANDY™ advance formulation with Pitera. Pitera history starting from the makers of sake or called fermentation. Japanese rice wine makers in the skin smooth and taut hand though elderly.

Apparently certain ingredients of the fermentation process that makes their skin more supple and moist. In pitera found four important contents for youth. In addition to maintaining the tension of the skin, Pitera work to moisturize the skin, diminish blemishes on the face of freckles freckles and wrinkles and make your face more radiant.

OLICANDY™ - Special Edition is a health supplement specialises in skin whitening and treatment.

Benefits :

  • OLICANDY™ is an Affordable Supplement with KKM Approval, NO SIDE EFFECTS guarantee.
  • Energy Booster, also helps SKIN WHITENING.
  • Ministy of Health Approval : KKM 041114/10/033
  • Cheap, Easy in Chewable Tablet Orange Flavor
  • With PITERA, world-known ingredient forbeauty
  • For Extra Whitening Booster
  • Added with vitamin, amino acids, minerals andorganic acids
  • Pitera work to moisturize the skin, diminish blemishes onthe face
  • Eliminate wrinkles and make your face more radiant
  • Reduce black spot and improve Suitable for Women & Men

Directions :

Take 1 or 2 tablets per day. Can be taken at any time, before or after meal. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day to assist the whitening process.