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Aura Men, turbo Colla, with Fat Burner, 900 g




What it is :

AURAMEN TURBO COLLAGEN is a collagen drink that suit for men, by using techonology from Korea. It includes collagen, whey protein, tribulus, berries, saw palmetto, vitamin, stem cell dan so on, to enhance men's health from in to out.

Benefits :

1. Helps skin whitening
2. Helps improve dry skin
3. Increase stamina and energy
4. Improves blood circulation
5. Helps reduce weight and turn fat into muscle combine with workout
What it does :


1. 10x Stemcell from fruits

2. collagen peptida, whey protein, butea superba, tribulus, guarana, saw palmetto extract, mucuna pruriens, magui berry, blackcurrant, green tea, hoodia, egg albumin, sea cucumber, co enzyme Q10, grape seed, citrus vitamin A,B,C,D,E, & B5, protein & mineral