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Young & Glow, Foundation Cream, 7 g

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What it is :

This serum foundation consist of natural ingredients such as peppermint extract, argan oil, Vitamin C & E and is easily washed off. It has SPF45.

Benefits :

Peppermint extract acts as an anti bacteria, anti fungal , anti inflammation to kill off the bacteria causing acne. It helps to nurse acne skin and also sensitive skin that have used the wrong skincare before. Argan oil that helps to moisturise skin and make makeup look more fresh, glowy and longlasting. Makeup will not be blotchy/cakey. Aids in lightening pimple scar and heal wounds. Vitamin C & E is high in anti oxidant properties. It helps to protect skin from ultraviolet rays. Also helps to control excessive sebum production

Ingredients :

  • Peppermint Extract
  • Argan Oil
  • Vitamin C & E