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Mama Dont Worry, Hair Growth Oil, 30 ml

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What it is :

Premium combination between candlenut seeds and papaya seeds processionally to help growth of baby's hair and reduce hair loss after delivery. Clean and safe for all ages from baby as early as days.

Benefits :

  • Organic substance
  • Processed Traditionally
  • Combined Premium of Hard Fruit Seed Extract and Pear Bean

Advantages :

  • Strengthens the hair
  • Overcoming hair loss
  • Prevent hair from branched
  • Softens hair
  • Refresh the hair
  • Thicken the hair
  • Prevent gray hair
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Accelerate hair growth

Ingredients :

  • Candlenuts Extract (Buah Keras)
  • Papaya Extract
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Rose Flower Extract
  • Jasmine Flower Extract

Directions :

  • Spray oil to over problematic scalp.
  • Smooth with the brush brushes provided.
  • Make a light massage on the head for 3-5 minutes so that the oil is absorbed into the scalp.
  • Use consistently daily

Suitable for :

  • Halal and Pure Guaranteed
  • Can be taken solat
  • The smell of natural fragrance
  • Baby as early as 30 days can also be use


✅ 1 bottle for how long? 1 bottle 30ml can last up to 1-2 months.

✅ Odor? Soft Rose.

✅ Are there side effect? In sha Allah, the material used is 100% natural from the extract of hard fruit seeds and premium papaya seeds.

✅ If you stop using MDW, will your hair drops back? We recommend that you continue to use MDWs to reduce severe hair loss.

✅ Taboos? Babies with skin problems such as sensitive skin and eczema are not recommended. Because MDW oils are used on the scalp (hair root).

✅ Need to keep your diet healthy? Wrong and unattainable nutrition is the biggest factor of hair loss.

✅ Baby scalp rush through MDW? Maybe babies are quick to sweat and skin is sensitive when sweat is mixed with oil. Avoid using MDW during active baby times. Use only at night.

✅ Can I mix MDW with other products? It is not recommended to mix with other products to get a quick positive impact.

✅ Suitable for pregnant lady? Very suitable.

Newborn baby can use? Baby as early as 7 days is use.

✅ Can breast feeding mothers use? Can use normally.

✅ How to use MDW but the hair is still slowly growing? MDW is made of natural ingredients. No guarantee of proper effect. The effect depends on the person's scalp. There is a positive effect as early as 7 days, some of which last 2 months. As long as there are no side effects can continue to use until it has a positive effect.

The scalp itch after using MDW? Good mark. New hair holes open. Scrub the scalp thoroughly and continue to use. Remember! Use MDW to clean and dry the scalp.