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JRM, Jamu Ratu Royal V, 250 ml

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What it is :

Jamu Ratu Malaya also known as JRM in short is a brand specialised for making products suited for women of all any age. It has existed to help women to care for their well being and meet their nutrition needs. Royal V contains several key plants and herbs such as Orange Jasmine, Manjakani, Akar Serapat, Black Cohosh, Kunyit Hitam and Mirifica. 

How Does Royal V Work?

Royal V is a premium health food that can rebuild old or damaged cells. The effects of regular use of Royal V greatly aid the stability of the hormones so that its use can maintain youthful health, beauty, energy and youth.

What it does :

Orange Jasmine are useful in overcoming inflammation of the testicles (orchitis), could also overcome inflammation of the airways (bronchitis), urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, vaginal discharge, and come irregular menstruation, body fat overload, and slimming the body, pain ulcer (ulcer), dental pain and soften the skin.

As for Manjakani it help to astringent action due to its high tannin content. It can temporarily help to tighten outermost layers of mucosa due to its astringent action that induces temporary cell contraction, which make you feel temporary tightening. Helps promote blood circulation, coordinates menstrual cycle, prevent mucus, smell and irritation, tightens and firms the muscles of Miss V and helps to restore elasticity and
Increases sensitivity.


Each bottle's content is 250 ml