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Aura White, Sparkle Diamond Ex Powder, 1000 g




What it is :

3 generations of beauty drinks with a delicious strawberry flavor. Enriched with fruit extracts help boost collagen in the body. With a finer texture and compact for optimal effect. Reflected a real beauty with double enlightenment. Skin more bright, elastic and supple. Strawberry flavor.

Benefits :

  • The effects of enlightenment 10X faster than usual
  • The price is quite worth it
  • All skin types suitable
  • Quick response
  • No prohibited substances
  • Result in 7 days after consume
  • Enriched with fruit extracts
  • Advanced Formula
  • From Nano Collagen Complex Trepeptide
  • More Solid More Tasty & More Refined
  • Absorption Perfect for skin brighter, elastic and supple

Directions :

  • Enter the 2 scoop into a shaker and shake with plain water.
  • Not recommended for hot water as it can remove nutrients in Aurawhite DIAMOND SPARKLE.
  • Taken during the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast and before bedtime