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Fiqh Clean Best, Sabun Daun Bidara, 200 ml




What it is :

Fiqh Clean Best, Non Fragrance gives you a freshness of ibadah.

Benefits of Bidara Madinah Clean Best :

  • Prevent jin and magic disorders
  • Prevent divorce
  • Freeing yourself from magic and jin disruption
  • Relieve anger
  • Ruqyah total of 2 times
  • Increase mental and physical energy
  • Overcome frequent crying baby.
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Prevent the bad dream and the nightmare
  • Approval of MOH & HSA Singapore
  • Origin of natural bidara from Medina Al-Munawwarah
  • Can be brought into toilet and used during menstruation

Ingredients :

  • Lote Tree Leaves Extract From Medinah al-Munawarrah

Directions :

  • Make intention to free from i.e the problem experienced now & jin outage Examples "O Allah, I shower with Medina Bidara Bath, I want to be free from Magic & Jin Disorder."
  • Bring Body, Faces, Head or Any Member of the Sick Body
  • As you shower the Medina Bidara Medina Cleanbest, read it in your heart
    • - Al Fatihah
    • - Ayatul Kursi
    • - 3 Qul
  • Rinse thoroughly