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Global Herbs, Jus Durian Belanda Sultan, 350 ml

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What it is :

Soursop is usually found in South America and often the basis for beverages, ice creams and other popular sweet foods. It’s known to have a few other names, such as graviola, custard apple, paw paw, guyabano and guanabana in Spanish-speaking countries. Additionally, it has superfruit-healing properties as a high-antioxidant food due to its Vitamin C, Vitamin B, calcium, phosphorous and even some iron that it contains. These vitamins and minerals are why soursop benefits include potentially helping reduce eye disease, treat infections and potentially even fight cancer, among others.

Benefits : Soursop is used as a form of medicine that is anti-bacterial and effective against fighting parasites and worms, lowers blood pressure, controls cholesterol levels, depression and restores nervous system problems. In addition, it helps with constipation, relieves gastric and ulcers. It is an energy booster that fights fatigue and insomnia. Practice consuming soursop for healthy body.

  • Filled with Beneficial Antioxidants that May Help Reduce Eye Disease
  • Exhibits Anti-Inflammatory and Antimicrobial Properties
  • May Help Fight Cancer
  • Potentially Kills Pancreatic Cancer Cell
  • Treats Infections

Ingredients :

  • Soursop, Tea leaves, Sabah snake grass, Honey, Ginger, Sea cucumber, Figs, Olives, Female ginseng (Dong Quai), Jujube (Bidara), Guarana, Goji and Mangosteen.

How To Consume :

Shake well before use. Consume 1 table spoon in the morning and at night, mixed with warm water 30 minutes before consumption.

Keep refrigerated once opened.

Word of Caution :

While these traditional uses are powerful and effective, it is important to discuss any new additions to your health regiment with a trained medical professional. Particularly in terms of its cancer-fighting potential, it is wise to seek out multiple opinions before developing your treatment profile. And as always, everything in moderation!