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Barakah Herbs Diacare Nopal Cactus 60 capsules

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What it is :

Nopal cactus, also known as the prickly pear cactus, is found natively in the southwestern regions of the United States and in Mexico. The flat cactus pads can be eaten when the plant is young. When the cactus is older, it’s too tough to eat. Nopal cactus is a common ingredient in foods in some regions of Mexico.

There are several ways to use nopal cactus, including in jellies and candies and as an aid to help harden plaster. There are also a number of medicinal uses, thanks to this cactus’s varied health benefits.

Benefits :

Contains 100% pure Nopal Cactus used in high concentration to maintain healthy sugar levels. Other key benefits include improved digestion, colon and bowel cleansing, regulated cholesterol levels and anti-oxidant protection. It is also known to maintain healthy sugar and cholesterol levels, hence safely regulating body weight.